Who are we?

We are psychological weight specialists and we believe that everything we say, think and do, and every decision we make is affected by our personality. It stands to reason then that how we ‘diet’ is also affected by our personality.

We were aware of the limitations of most weight loss programmes out there that assumed everyone was the same. People aren’t the same though and will manage their weight and diets in very different ways.

What is the difference? It’s their personality and their preferred dieting environment. What works for one won’t necessarily work for another. Understanding those preferences and differences is the key that unlocks long term weight management success.

What do we do?

A quick straight forward online personality questionnaire which produces an incredibly accurate personality weight report for just £25. Personality holds the key to success – unlock, it today with DietMaps.

How do we do it?

We offer detailed personality reports that are quick, accurate and easy to use, available to everyone, whether you are a coach, weight loss company or an individual.

A Personality weight test that is fast and accurate

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