Why can’t I lose weight?

Why can’t I lose weight?

Imagine how many times a day that question is said in somebodies head or out loud around the world everyday. It’s a universal question that concerns a proportion of the human race especially in the West.

Well let’s look at this and see what the common factor here is. We are all human, we all need to eat to live and we all live our lives as we see fit. And there is the difference, everyone sees life and every experience within it through their own lenses. Two people can sit in the same room and describe it differently, two people can look at a menu and choose very different foods but both believe they are eating healthily.

If you take this one step further, we need to look at what it is about an individual’s personality that affects the way they eat, when they eat, what they eat and why they over eat in certain situations.

We all have strengths and weaknesses that are fed by our innate personalities, do you know how yours affects your ability to lose weight and keep it off?

Companies and businesses have known the value of personality profiling for years. They have used it to decide whether somebody is right for a job, or if someone can take on a leadership role. There are parts of our personality that make it easier to work one way rather than another so why not use this information when it comes to dieting and weight management?

I can see little point in restricting a person who is naturally very sociable to a meal replacement diet that means they cannot eat out with their friends. If this was imposed on them, imagine how long it would take for them to break their diet.

If a person naturally likes to know exactly where they are and what is expected of them and they are set on a path with no real boundaries or goals to lose weight, they will surely lose heart and return to their old ways.

In my mind, you cannot expect to succeed if you don’t really know yourself and where your likely pitfalls or triumphs are likely to be.

How many of us really know ourselves and if we asked those around us to describe us, would their evaluation be the same or would we be a little surprised by their response?

Are you brave enough to ask?

Helen Clarke, Co-Founder DietMaps