Are you subconsciously resisting change?

Change can be emotionally uncomfortable, even when it’s a change we want to make. Sometimes it can be easier to give up and retreat back to our uncomfortable ‘comfort zone’

One of the biggest changes we may have to make is our behaviour around food if we want to lose excess weight for good. We know what we should be doing so why don’t we do it?

Here are seven signs that you may be subconsciously resisting change:

  1. Avoiding the people you have told about your plans; They now expect something from you and you find yourself avoiding them. They are a reminder that you had committed to doing something different.
  2. Procrastinating – and justifying your behaviour; When we tell ourselves we’ll do it tomorrow we’re giving in to instant gratification. We convince ourselves we’ll turn over a new leaf tomorrow but all we are doing is resisting change today.
  3. Telling yourself you don’t deserve it; This is a hard one because it’s emotionally charged. Some of us will use low self esteem as an excuse to avoid change but the reality is that making even a small change can improve how we feel about ourselves.
  4. Doing something because you think you should; There’s a difference between having a strong internal desire to make a change and paying lip service to it because we think it’s what we should be doing.  That’s a message coming from somewhere else rather than our own needs and wants.
  5. Allowing yourself to be distracted; Does this sound familiar? You start a plan and it’s going well but then you find yourself thinking or doing something else. You become preoccupied with work or spend time on unrelated frivolous things. You tell yourself you don’t have the time. This is classic avoidance and it can be very helpful to explore what it is you are trying to avoid.
  6. Becoming defensive; It can be very tempting to blame others for our situation. However, to make long lasting positive change in our lives the responsibility lies firmly with us. If you find yourself becoming defensive or feeling persecuted it may be you are not accepting responsibility
  7. Brain freeze; This can happen when you think about making a change or taking action. Mental blocks are frustrating because it’s hard to know where they are coming from.

Some change is inevitable when managing weight; from the food we eat to how we spend our leisure time.

Change can be exciting or challenging. Do you understand your approach to change? Are you someone who resists change, even when it’s something you tell yourself you want? The answer lies in your personal psychology.

Sue Arkle, Co-Founder DietMaps