Women criticise themselves on average 8 times a day – Guess what the number 1 topic is?

Correct – their size!

A recent report in The Daily Mail highlights research undertaken by WomanKInd, a nationwide campaign that explores why modern women are unkind to themselves.

2000 women were surveyed and they discovered that the average woman criticises herself 8 times a day, with nearly half of the respondents admitting to at least once before 09.30 in the morning. My guess would be it starts when deciding what to wear, not necessarily what we would like to wear but what we think we can get away with.

If we start the day thinking we don’t look good it’s easy to see how it can impact the rest of our day.

Image based criticisms were next on the list – including:

  • Your hair is a mess
  • Your belly looks too big
  • Your bum looks too big
  • You’re not as stylish as other women
  • You deflect compliments by saying something negative about yourself

Not earning enough money or having a good job were also regular put downs.

Imagine if others could hear our thoughts! Most would be horrified at how unkind we are to ourselves and would probably tell us we are wrong (at least those who care about us would)

And we wouldn’t be so unkind to others would we? Not if we wanted to have any friends!

Unfortunately these thoughts appear very real to us and once we engage with them they shape our lives by affecting our feelings and behaviours, often with unwanted or unintended consequences.

So even though we may not voice those thoughts out loud they do find a way out into the world and have an effect.

Here at DietMaps we believe the starting point for any undertaking is the extent to which we believe in ourselves. This is particularly true for weight loss which is why it is one of the subject areas in our full reports. 

We call it “self efficacy” which is a psychological term meaning “the extent to which we believe in our ability to execute the behaviours necessary to accomplish a task” Or, to put it another way “believe you can do it”

We also believe it’s a personality issue. Some personality types are more likely than others to have self belief and for those that don’t, there are things that can be done to improve it. Having that self knowledge is invaluable for helping clients achieve their dreams. Feeling good about ourselves is important no matter what stage of the journey we are at.


Sue Arkle Co-Founder DietMaps