Lorraine’s Story – a client journey

In this weekly blog I am going to share with you Lorraine’s weight loss journey and how I coach her using her DietMap. I will demonstrate how, by tapping into her natural strengths, she can access the resources she needs to be successful in the long term and achieve her goals.

Lorraine is an HR Consultant and is very familiar with psychometric testing and personality profiling. In fact, she uses several systems in her work. She has never seen it applied to health before and was very excited to see her results.

Of course, with her knowledge and skill set she already had a lot of self awareness, but crucially, not how it affected her weight.  In fact, she was pleasantly surprised at what she discovered.

The first thing she liked was how fast and easy the questionnaire is. The second thing she liked is that the report focuses on natural strengths, rather than pointing out weaknesses. In fact, the message is one of positivity and success.

So, what is Lorraine’s personality type and how does it play out in her day to day life?

Lorraine resides in the South West of the personality map. She is dependable, a good listener and focuses on values and depth in relationships. Her feelings and intuition play an important role when making decisions.

She likes others to rely on her, sometimes at the expense of her own needs.  She shows her love with food and admitted that both her adult children had lost weight when they left home!

She is aware that she needs a support network but felt that the ‘slimming club’ model wasn’t for her. She doesn’t like big groups of people as she is naturally more internally focussed.

So what did Lorraine do? She looked at her friendship group and identified those who she thought could mentor and support her. Interestingly, she didn’t just choose one person because she recognised the different strengths of her friends and what each could do to support her.

She now has two mentors, one to help her with exercise and the other who, like her, has tried every diet going and understands only too well the frustrations and disappointment when yet another diet hasn’t worked. She has arranged a weekly catch up with each friend.

Between Lorraine getting her report and our first coaching call she has already dropped 5 pounds in weight. 

Our next coaching call will be focussing on how she goes about deciding what she wants

Several factors come into play in trying to decide what we want. This is as true of weight management, as it is of other areas of our lives and our personality plays a big part in that process.


Sue Arkle Co-Founder DietMaps