Motivation is a personality issue. Find out how Lorraine uses her natural preferences to stay motivated.

How is Lorraine getting on?

She has dropped a further 2lbs since our last coaching call a week ago. She is not on a conventional restrictive diet so how is she doing it?

She has taken on board the information in her DietMap and is using it to tap into her natural strengths.

In the last week she has had two social events to attend and decided beforehand to enlist the help and support of her friends to ensure she didn’t use the occasion as an excuse to overindulge.

At each event she asked a friend to choose the food from the buffet for her. What she got back looked very different to what she would have chosen. She had colourful platefuls of healthy food with smaller portions of her favourite things.

I asked her if she felt in anyway deprived or resentful and she said “Not at all, in many ways it was a relief not to have that conversation with myself about what I should or shouldn’t have. The support of my friends means so much to me; it feels like they are on my side”

We also discussed how Lorraine is motivated and makes decisions about what she wants. These are both personality issues.  She needs to involve others in her decisions to get their buy in and values their ongoing support to keep her motivated.  Lorraine has realised that going it alone just doesn’t work for her and her DietMap helped her discover this.

She commented that this journey feels very different because she has her support network to help her stay on track.

When coaching Lorraine I encouraged her to think about who can help her in different situations. Because she values relationships very highly it matters to her that she is able to join in with what others are doing. By getting her friends onside she can feel part of things without sabotaging her goal.

Next week we’ll discover how she copes with a holiday abroad with friends.

Sue Arkle Co-Founder DietMaps