Which ever way you look at it some change is inevitable if we are to achieve and maintain a healthy body.

Lorraine has been on holiday so how did she manage?

In our coaching session beforehand we discussed her strategies and how, by utilising her natural strengths and preferences, she could enjoy herself whilst staying focused on her long term goal to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

She decided that she wasn’t going to repeat the mistakes of the past by putting on loads of weight.

I am pleased to report that she gained less than 1lb, despite having a brilliant holiday and not denying herself the things she enjoys eating and drinking!

By understanding her personality better she was able to enlist the support and encouragement of her friends to help her. This is very important to Lorraine and played a huge part in her success.

A friend helped her improve her front crawl which enabled her to swim 20 lengths of the pool every day.

At dinner her friends agreed to share starters and desserts which meant she ate less overall whilst still enjoying her meal.

She cut down her alcohol intake by drinking spritzers which were perfectly nice in hot weather!

When I asked Lorraine how she felt when she got back she said “Proud of myself. I can enjoy a holiday and still be sensible”

What has changed for Lorraine? She is now taking a more rational adult view of her eating behaviour which is a totally different outlook for her. In the past she has given in to the demands of having what she wanted when she wanted it, without considering the consequences.  She has stopped beating herself up if things don’t always go to plan and is able to be her own guide and mentor.

I asked Lorraine to sum up how she feels at this stage of her journey and she said:

“I’ve tried all the wrong ways before finding the right way”

Whatever way you look at it some change is inevitable if we are to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. How we cope with change is very much a personality issue.

Lorraine isn’t someone who rushes into change for the sake of it, but gives it very careful consideration. She values a slow steady approach. However, once she has made her decision she will implement the required changes willingly, as we can see from her holiday experience. What has worked really well is getting her friends and family on board with the changes she needs to make.

By understanding her natural approach to change she has been able to cope with any ups and downs without being thrown off course. She knows she is in this for the long term.

Next week we look at how Lorraine organises her life and her staying power – very important if she is to be successful in the long term. 




Sue Arkle Co-Founder DietMaps