Lorraine discovers how setting the right goal makes all the difference


This week we are looking at how Lorraine organises herself and her staying power. Both very important qualities when trying to achieve a goal.

Lorraine is a naturally organised person and this is reflected in how she sets her goals.

First of all she has a number of short term goals related to various events coming up. The first of these was to lose a stone before attending a wedding. I am pleased to report that she was successful.

Secondly she is looking at the longer term. Her ultimate goal is weight maintenance and she sees the short term goals as a preamble to what the journey is going to be.  She likes the fact that she doesn’t have to starve herself because she knows it’s a long term goal. She has managed to let go of the instant gratification that short term dieting behaviours can bring.

Occasionally old thinking patterns come back but she is able to recognise them and stop them in their tracks.

I asked her what has changed. She no longer ‘beats herself up’ if things don’t go to plan. She is much kinder to herself now and allows herself to have the odd day where she will choose less healthy options. The big difference is that she still likes herself afterwards and doesn’t use it as an excuse to give up.

Lorraine has a very busy social life. She has 3 more short holidays coming up in the next couple of months and has set another short term goal to lose a further half a stone before she goes on her next trip in 7 weeks.

She has much more confidence now because she knows she can make sensible choices and still have fun.

What Lorraine is doing differently this time is to reappraise her whole approach and in particular, her goal.

In the past her goal has always been ‘weight loss’ and she never looked beyond it.  She now believes she has been focussing on the wrong thing. This time the goal is weight maintenance and she is prepared to give herself the time and space to achieve it.

One of her personal strengths is her staying power and she freely admits to applying it in all other areas of her life apart from her health! I don’t think she had recognised this before. Now she is using this natural ability to focus on what is important to her.

Her DietMap showed her that she is likely to feel overcome if she tries to go it alone and that benefits by sharing her target and goal with those she really trusts. This is what has made the big difference for Lorraine.

Next time we will be focusing on self efficacy and risk failure. As soon as we take a peek at what the future might look like (losing 5kg for example) we also create the possibility of failure. Our attitude to that is very much a peronality issue.



Sue Arkle Co-Founder DietMaps