About Us

Find out a little more about Helen and Sue, Co-Founders of DietMaps

We believe that everything we say, think and do, and every decision we make is affected by our personality.

It stands to reason then that how we ‘diet’ is also affected by our personality.

We were aware of the limitations of most weight loss programmes out there that assumed everyone was the same. People aren’t the same though and will manage their weight and diets in very different ways. We have witnessed firsthand how some people struggle on diets and others seem to breeze through with no problems.

What is the difference?

It’s their personality and their preferred dieting environment. What works for one won’t necessarily work for another. Understanding those preferences and differences is the key that unlocks long term weight management success. Once people are in the right environment they can achieve their goals.

So, if you are a coach or a weight loss company looking to help your clients reach their goal, we can help. DietMaps are detailed personality reports that are quick, accurate and easy to use.

Accessibility is extremely important to DietMaps as we recognise the benefits that a deeper understanding of ‘self’ will give to your clients. The psychological profiler underpinning DietMaps is a Jungian system designed to measure an individual’s psychological make-up.

Jung’s bi-polar scales measure the attitudes of introversion and extraversion, together with the rational preferences of thinking and feeling and the irrational preferences of sensing and intuition. These are combined to arrive at the psychological profile or type. Having determined the individual’s Jungian profile, DietMaps then produces a range of personality content pertaining to their preferred behaviour specifically in respect of their weight management.

Helen Clarke

Helen Clarke


Helen Clarke left her role as an aviation broker, working in and around Lloyds of London to start a family and decided a change of career was called for.


Having retrained, Helen has been helping individual clients and groups using a combination of  Cognitive Behavioural Therapy,Transactional Analysis, Cognitive Hypnotherapy and NLP. Her work has involved working with anxiety, phobias, sleep problems, confidence IBS and more.

However during the last decade Helen has specialised in working with weight loss and weight management clients. This has led her to co-found the DietMaps company along with Sue.

“If a client has an depth knowledge of their natural, innate personality traits, they are better equipped to fully understand why they behave or react in certain situations.”

Sue Arkle

Sue Arkle


Sue is a highly experienced and qualified weight loss expert and has been working with clients since 2007. During that time she has helped hundreds of people understand their relationship with food.


She noticed that a question that always comes up is “Why?” Why can’t I stick to a diet? Why can’t I keep the weight off? Why can’t I go out for a meal and eat normally instead of pigging out?

Her knowledge of Personality Profiling helped her understand that the answer lies within our personalities. We all do diets differently and we tend to do diets in the same way that we live our lives. Do you recognise yourself? Are you the person who is focused and driven and wants to get to goal yesterday? Or the person who can’t say no in a social setting?  Or the person who puts the needs of others before themselves? Or maybe you are the person who has to be perfect?

Sue believes that once we understand ourselves better we can tap into our natural strengths for long term success. She is delighted to have partnered with Personality Profiling experts, Peoplemaps Ltd to offer something truly unique.