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Take a look at our case studies to find out how personality profiling can help.

Client 1 – Assertive, Strong Minded, Focused, Proud, Determined This client felt like a hamster on a wheel when she first came to us. Her natural characteristics meant she took on far more than she could humanly cope with. When she became overloaded a feeling of frustration and inadequacy led her to turn to food and drink for comfort.

Her DietMap showed her that there are huge strengths in her personality when it comes to weight loss and weight management. She planned her week better, didn’t take on too much and set goals that she knew she could and would attain. She became focused, organised and goal driven leading her to lose her weight and keep it off.



Client 2 – Caring, Nurturing, Supportive, Pliable, Accepts Guilt. This client was a consummate yo-yo dieter. She did well for a while and then the wheels came off slowly at first and then more and more as her boundaries became broken again and again.

The DietMap showed this client that she often broke her diet because she didn’t want to upset those around her. If somebody presented her with a meal they had cooked for her she would eat it all to make the other person happy. This became a repeated pattern of behaviour. As a natural nurturer, she showed her love through the food she produced for her family. This meant she spent a lot of time in the kitchen which resulted in her ‘picking’ when cooking. In fact when we looked into her daily calorie intake she realised she ate almost an additional meal in her ‘picked at’ calories. Her character strengths meant that we needed her to turn the tables and become nurturing to herself.

When she realised that she was at the centre of so many other peoples’ lives she could see the need to look after herself and started to take more notice of her eating habits.

Client 3 – Extroverted, Radiant and Friendly. Enjoys the company of others and believes life should be fun. This client was always very enthusiastic at the start of her diet. She relished the thought of a new challenge and couldn’t wait to get going. She loved telling all her friends what she was doing and encouraging them to join her. She started a Facebook group for her fellow dieters and liked nothing better than a get together. Unfortunately her sociable nature also meant that she was easily persuaded to ditch the diet for a great night out, a family celebration, birthday, in fact, any excuse to join in. She didn’t like being left out! This repeating pattern meant that she never achieved her goals.

Her DietMap helped her realise that she needed to maintain her initial enthusiasm over a longer period to be successful. She was very good at goal setting and discovered she could use her creativity to make her diet as interesting as possible. Her powerful persuasion skills were used to convince her friends that a great night out doesn’t have to mean eating or drinking too much.

Client 4 – Introverted, desire for knowledge and understanding, values intellect and independence. Of all the clients we have worked with this is the one who had done the most research, asked all the right questions and knew it was the right thing for her to do. She made her decision based on facts rather than emotion. She knew what to do and how to do it. In fact, for a long time she was very successful. She adhered to her plan perfectly and engaged fully with all the elements of her programme. Unfortunately, her desire for perfection meant that the slightest error knocked her off course. She may have inadvertently eaten or drunk something that wasn’t on the plan and couldn’t cope with not being ‘perfect’ anymore. At this point, she would give up until she felt ready to try again.

Her DietMap helped her understand that her fantastic planning and organising skills could be used to help mitigate against the occasional lapse and to not be so self critical. Once she realised this she was able to enjoy the process of achieving and maintaining a healthy body.

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