DietMaps – your route to success

Are you helping clients with weight loss or management? Read on! Available to all life coaches, fitness coaches, nutrition and weight control therapists YOU can be one of the first to offer this unique tool to your clients, improve your success rates and watch the new clients roll in.

The Benefits For YOUR Business

Working with your client’s personality is proven to yield better results. Ultimately, that’s what clients want. However, with DietMaps you’re getting so much more.

  • Offer your clients a unique, never seen before service.
  • Better results =  increased job satisfaction.
  • Build your personal brand and reputation through the astonishingly accurate questionnaire.
  • Satisfied clients means a satisfied coach.

In just 5 minutes time all this could be yours!

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What is DietMaps?

DietMaps is a unique collaboration between industry experts in Personality Profiling and Weight Loss. Based on the hugely successful PeopleMaps system that has helped over 1.4 million users since 2001, we can show you how your clients’ personality has impacted their weight loss journey.

For years Personality Profiling has been used by businesses to help put the right people in the right job. Now we’ve taken that knowledge and expertise and combined it with that of weight loss professionals.

Let DietMaps change the way you and your clients see weight management leading to dieting success.

What’s special about DietMaps?

  • An astonishingly accurate questionnaire with only 10 questions!
  • Easy to deliver content – our unique widget technology allows you to embed the questionnaire on your own site!
  • Written in simple, plain English. Nobody needs any training or consulting to use or interpret the results.
  • The unique DietMaps Map is also extremely powerful at helping people understand personality and psychology.

What is a DietMap?

A report that will enable your clients to discover:

  • What motivates them
  • How they make decisions
  • How they deal with change
  • Learn why they find some situations difficult
  • Where are their strengths?
  • What causes their lapses?

This psychological dieting profile questionnaire is the most advanced available. A simple 5 minutes is all it takes. You will be amazed at the results!